For Our Partners

Our labour charge is 1.0 EURO per gram of silver and 3.5 EURO per gram of gold. No custom taxes for Europe.

Еach of our more than 2,000 models can be made with a multitude of different gems in all kinds of combinations  as well as in Silver or Gold.

We produce elegant handcrafted silver and gold jewelry with beautiful semiprecious stones in Ukraine in Belaya Tzerkov town located not far from Ukrainian capital Kiev.

Gold jewelry: 10, 14, 18 ct in pink, yellow, white, green colors.

Silver jewelry: all items are plated first with Palladium and than with Rhodium. Using two layers ensures keeping white shiny of Rhodium securely attached to our silver jewelry for years.

Our jewelry does not contain Nickel so it is allergy free.

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